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Waiting for the Advent Calendar Video Podcast

I’m not a very patient cat, but every so often there comes something that’s just worth waiting for….
Are you subscribed for the adventure?
If you’re not, then check out
Grantsadventcalendar.com or www.throwingtoasters.com/advent.
Humans in this episode:
Brandon & Ian.
Josh Lama of www.joshlama.blogspot.com.
Spensir, Khyenne, Josephene, & Eaven of blog.andbabymakes5.com & www.jalapenodesigns.com.
For more information please check out the fantastic people over [...]

So Tiring…

Not only have I been recording my fantastic voice for my appearance on the wildly popular audio drama - Buffy Between the Lines, but I’ve been working for the past week on my video application for the Evil League of Evil!
This is the one folks, Bad Horse can not resist my brand of evil.
I have [...]

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