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Calling All Cats

I’m working on the second episode of his video podcast and I’d like to hear from some cats about what they would like for Christmas!
If you guys would like to send a picture of yourselves and your Christmas wish in, I may use it on my podcast.
Just send them to supcomtabz-at-gmail.com with the subject line [...]

Waiting for the Advent Calendar Video Podcast

I’m not a very patient cat, but every so often there comes something that’s just worth waiting for….
Are you subscribed for the adventure?
If you’re not, then check out
Grantsadventcalendar.com or www.throwingtoasters.com/advent.
Humans in this episode:
Brandon & Ian.
Josh Lama of www.joshlama.blogspot.com.
Spensir, Khyenne, Josephene, & Eaven of blog.andbabymakes5.com & www.jalapenodesigns.com.
For more information please check out the fantastic people over [...]

Myboyfriend’s VideoCast #001 - Halloween

It’s not easy being a black cat in a superstitious world. In this first episode I discuss Halloween, black cats and the importance for not letting color get to you.

Our Housekeeper Weighs in

Want to see what our housekeeper Tabz has to say about how awesome we are? Check it out:

Sparta AKA The Mean Kitty

If you really want to understand what I’m all about you should check out my YouTube friend - Sparta.

My favorite movies….

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I thought I’d share my favorite movies.
1. Gay Purr-ee - Don’t start with the whole ‘gay’ thing. It means happy. And Judy Garland sings like an angel. And she makes a fantastic cat!
2. The Adventures of Milo and Otis - the simple idea that enemies don’t HAVE [...]

Tigger aka Fat Cat

If you want to see some photos of Tigger. Click here.

My application for the Evil League of Evil

Click here to see my video application for the Evil League of Evil. I think I have a pretty good shot. Especially since Bad Horse and I were such great (evil) friends.

So Tiring…

Not only have I been recording my fantastic voice for my appearance on the wildly popular audio drama - Buffy Between the Lines, but I’ve been working for the past week on my video application for the Evil League of Evil!
This is the one folks, Bad Horse can not resist my brand of evil.
I have [...]

Stealing the Computer…

Betcha didn’t know cats could type did ya? It’s my amazing powers over my human (my housekeeper).
Today’s activities included vocalization, chasing that noisy ball thing the human got for me, battle exercises with Tigger and making sure my human is well covered with fur by shedding on her clothing.
I worry about her out in the [...]

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