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Our Housekeeper Weighs in

Want to see what our housekeeper Tabz has to say about how awesome we are? Check it out:

I swear to goodness I am not one of those people who treat my pets as anything more than pets.

But I do love my pets.

I’ve been thinking for quite awhile about both my cats - especially after recording them for the Evil League of Evil contest.

What have I learned? They’re two very different cats.

Tigger is older, he’s around 11 years old, and he’s nearly 20lbs. He’s not an extremely active cat. It’s not unusual for him to sleep in my bed all night long (8+ hours). He’s an extreme cuddler. He’ll lay on me, push off my laptop and generally squish his way on me to get petted. He’s taken the lovely habit of waking me up 15 minutes before my alarm goes off to get petted.

This routine consists of him headbutting my face, putting his paw on my lips and pulling on my arm (I kid you not, he hooks his paw/leg and pulls on my arm). This is usually the routine for us going to bed too. He’ll even sleep in my arms when we first go to bed (only if I take some moments to rub his head and face).

Tigger rarely meows. When he does - you know something huge is up. He’s really really hungry or sad.

Myboyfriend is the young buck. He’s about four years old now. He’s insanely active. This includes tearing through the house and leaping on random pieces of furniture. Shredding paper and destroying things and finding the most NOISEST thing in my room. He rarely snuggles, though lately it’s been more likely. If he DOES sleep on my bed he sleeps by my feet, my legs or even between my legs (yeah no jokes from the peanut gallery).

He’s extremely curious and knows little to no fear. He’ll jump, leap, push and squirm his way in anywhere. He can also open doors. He talks constantly - even when there’s nothing wrong. When Tigger moved out for awhile (long story) he’d wander around my apartment and whine for him.

Myboyfriend beleives the highest points in any room is -his- space. In my last apartment in Chicago he believed it was perfectly fine for him to be in the space above the cabinets. He especially liked this vantage point when guests came over. It’s almost as if he was saying “oh you poor poor little people.”

There are some points that both of them are similar at. At a certain time in the evening they both agree it’s time for them to eat and RUN to the closet where I keep the food every time I get up from my chair.

Both of them enjoy their knitted Jayne hat cat toy (which is amazing because Tigger is not really a ‘toy’ kind of guy).

Both of them are happiest when they can lay on my clothes. Why? I have no idea. They adore laying on my clothes. They don’t seem to care if it’s a blanket - but clothes? They love them.

Oh well, I love my boys and I’m happy to be their housekeeper.

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